Spyderco Harpy
Spyderco Harpy

Harpy - Fabricated from stainless steel, the Harpy performs commendably well in maritime and watersports environments. Aptly named, as it resembles the claw of an eagle, the C08 lets you make controlled, pulling cuts. This Hawkbill Blade shape springs from the marine/commercial fishing industry where severing rope, line, webbing or netting is done at arm's length, quickly and effectively. The curved arc of the blade keeps whatever you're cutting from slipping off the tip. David Boye's new locking lever dent can be found on this model. Available in a serrated SpyderEdge configuration, the stainless handled C08 features a drying vent.

Harpy Stainless Specs:
Blade Steel-----ATS-55
Blade Thickness-----1/8" 3mm
Clip-----Stainless Steel
Blade Hole Diam-----15/32" 12mm
Blade Type-----SpyderEdge
Handle Material-----Stainless Steel
Blade Length-----2 3/4" 70mm
Length Closed-----3 7/8" 99mm
Length Overall-----6 1/2" 165mm
Weight-----3.75oz 106g
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