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BlackHawk 5 - 5 - 10 Urban Carry Case Fanny Pack

Shown here in Small with S&W 6906 9mm

You've heard about it, now's your chance to own the best fanny pack out there. These 5-5-10 U.C.C.'s are made and backed by BlackHawk, a company owned and operated by former Navy Seals who know what putting it all on the line is about.

They were not satisifed with some of the web gear and equipment available to them for field ops, and thought they could design and build better equipment. They Did ! With improvements on existing designs, as well as designing their own. Their designs and improvements were then field tested in actual combat and covert situations. Since then, Blackhawk has been recognized as a leader in supplying top notch Military Gear, and has grown to become the largest supplier to Elite Military and Law Enforcement Organizations around the world. These include their own Navy Seals Family, The Massad, Special Forces, Rangers, FBI, Secret Service, Law Enforcement and many other elite groups around the world who live or die by the equipment they use.

What does 5 - 5 - 10 mean ?

Very simply, this urban carry unit is a high performance unit designed to allow you to go from completely secured carry posture, to putting 5 rounds on a target in under 5 seconds at 10 yards - And do it consistently without hassle or hang up. Dependable and with economy of motion, which often times is the difference between winning or losing when it hits the fan .

This is the fastest drawing weapon fanny pack on the market! BlackHawk dubbed this the Urban Carry Case because the holster design allows you to substitute batons, flashlights, cell phones or a similar item in place of your pistol. The 5-5-10 U.C.C. is fully ambidextrous. The main compartment is a super fast and efficient zippered breakaway pocket. The holster wraps around your pistol (or other gadget) providing safe trigger protection. The retention of the holster is fully adjustable.Special Features: Made of Nytaneon material, extra beefy #9 YKK zippers and HakTab zipper silencers, and able to velcro retro fit identification patches.

This unit is very well thought out, and is made to last a very, very long time out of Heavy Duty Ballistic Nylon, with Mil-Spec Silent zippers, ( no cheap velcro closures to wear out and expose your firearm or equipment unexpectedly ) . In Fact, Blackhawk offers the 5-5-10 with a solid lifetime guarantee.

Each Mil-Spec Zipper is equipped with "Hawk Tabs", a silent non-rattling, non-reflective system for rapid deployment.

The 5-5-10 also has zippered pouches on each side for your keys, change, or ID. It has dual compartments to separate your firearm from other things so nothing gets nicked up or scratched. It has Spare Magazine holders, so nothing rattles or scratches anything.

** This unit is also great for carrying cameras, GPS units, first aid kits, and other necessities when you're on field trips, or going on family trips to amusement parks, etc. It frees up your hands and makes lugging cameras etc a whole lot easier.

Fully Adjustable Carry Position

Elastic Anti-Rattle Spare Mag Holders

Zippered Side Pockets for Change, Keys, etc.

Separate Zippered Outside Front Pouch for Wallet, Paperwork, ID etc.

Super Strong Web Belt with Clip in front next to side pouch instead of back.
Makes it harder to disarm you, or unclip your pouch from behind you
and run with it, as happens with rear clip pouches.

This unit is available in three different sizes, to accommodate virtually any sized handgun, or other equipment you might want to carry in it.

  • Small Fits most small frame revolvers and autos such as Glock 19,26,27, Smith and Wesson 669, 6906, Sig 228, 229, etc.. (7.5 x 5 x 1.75")
  • Medium Fits most medium frame revolvers and autos such as Sig 226, Glock 17, S&W 5906, 686, etc.. (8.25 X 5.5 x 1.75)
  • Large Fits most large frame autos such as Baretta 92F (9 x 6.5 x 1.75)

When it comes to something your life may depend on,
Buy the Best You Can Find

You won't regret it that way.

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$ 49.95 US
$ 49.95 US
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