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Hellstorm by Blackhawk

HellStorm™ is the revolutionary new line of Tactical Assault Gloves designed by the Military and Law Enforcement professionals who actually use them. Built by BlackHawk™ with the same religious attention to Quality that BlackHawk™ is famous for, they offer a new standard for protection in tactical enviroments. Featuring HellStorm's™ high-durability leather and fabric treatments, they offer super heavyduty stitching, rugged construction, advanced ergonomic design, and dozens of reliabilty enhancements. Leather is selected only from premium lots. Fire retardant and viral barrier materials exceed tactical requirements.

It is a new class of SuperGloves for America's new class of Heroes. Patrolling in your squad car, chasing down gang members, hunting down terrorists, or full blown military or tactical assaults, HellStorm's™ makes a glove for you. Engineered with the durability and quality required in tactical enviroments.

Warranty Information

HellStorm(tm) Gloves and Tactical Gear are guaranteed against manufacturers defects for ONE FULL YEAR by the manufacturer ! Keep in mind that gloves are designed to take wear and tear that would normally be endured by your skin ! Normal wear and tear is to be expected.

These gloves are designed for maximum flexibility and performance in tactical environments. If they were made them too thick or stiff, you would lose critical tactical feel. HellStorm(tm) materials are selected for the best balance between flexibility and survivability.

Like surgical gloves, they are designed for professionals working in the gravest extremes.

Be sure to select right glove for your application. Don't use the light interrogation gloves for rappelling. Don't use gloves without Viral Barrier materials for moving corpses. You get the idea.

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