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Hellstorm AssaultForce Gloves

The AssaultForce™ out performs all the competition for slice / slash resistance. Don't get cut, use HellStorm !!!! The AssaultForce™ is an everyday duty glove that provides you with extra slice protection when needed, like those domestic call-outs when nobody’s happy. Made with cut resistant 100% Dupont 320 gram per yard weavfe Kevlar fabric and premium grade soft leather outer. If you’re ever at a knife fight without your gun, you’ll appreciate them. Excellent fit and thermal protection for year-round use. Unique pull-on loop on top of hand for easy on-off capability.

  • Cut resistant line with Kevlar
  • Excellent fit
  • Excellent thermal
  • Soft stylish leather outer
  • Excellent year round glove

SPECIAL NOTE: Our competitiors use a much lower Kevlar count per yard and therefore cuts through much easier and the cost is cheaper.

Save your Hands & Fingers, go with HellStorm !

WARNING: This glove is not slash proof but Highly slice resistant.

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AssaultForce Slash Resistant Gloves - Black
AssaultForce Slash Resistant Gloves - Black

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