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      At Excalibur, we strongly believe in top quality gear. Especially in this area. When lives are at risk, there is no room for inferior tools or equipment. If a piece of equipment fails in the field, you may not get a second chance.
We suggest you buy the best you can get the first time, your life or the lives of others may depend on it !

      Toward this end, we sell only BlackHawk Web Gear, the finest Tactical Nylon in the World. We have used it professionally for years, and can honestly say there's none better. Blackhawk stands behind what they manufacture with a full lifetime guarantee. Among the other Tactical Equipment we sell, you'll see the top manufacturers in their respective fields. Again, this is in keeping with our policy of selling the best available.

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5-5-10 Urban Carry Case
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Tactical Gloves & Pads
Tactical Gloves&Pads

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